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La aerosako protektis Marc Marquez

junio, 2013

Marc Marquez crashed at 209.9 mph during practice for last weekend’s Italian GP at Mugello, but the Repsol Honda rider was medically cleared to ride the event, which he did.
How could Marquez be so lucky? Part of his “luck” was the performance of the Alpinestars Tech Air Race suit, which detected the crash and, within 50 milliseconds, deployed airbag protection for his shoulders and back, reaching full inflation 30 milliseconds before Marquez’s first impact with the pavement. The presence of the inflated airbags spreads crash impact force over a wider area, preventing the extreme concentration of force that breaks human bones. Legi pli

La aerosako protektis la nepinon de la Reĝino Elizabeto

oktobro, 2010

Princess Anne's daughter, 29, was competing in Enschede, Holland, when her horse lost his footing at a jump. The Queen's granddaughter was thrown into the water when High Kingdom slipped. But Miss Phillips was protected when the airbag jacket she was wearing inflated immediately after being activated by a rip cord on her saddle.
Miss Phillips, the twelfth in line to the throne, was eliminated from the competition because of the fall. The Military Boekelo is the biggest outdoor sporting event in The Netherlands and one of the most important equestrian events in the world. Miss Phillips, a keen equestrian, won the world eventing champion title in 2006 and Sports Personality of the Year for her efforts. In 2009 she was awarded an MBE for services to equestrianism and hopes to compete in the London Olympics in 2012. Earlier this year she told The Daily Telegraph that she would rather be known as an "athlete" than a "princess or a model", as she launched her first ever clothes collection. Miss Phillips, who won gold medals at the 2005 and 2007 European Eventing Championships, is yet to secure her place on the London 2012 Olympic team however. Her previous horse Toytown is unfit to ride and will be too old to compete in 2012. Miss Phillips was forced to pull out of the British Olympics team in 2008 after the horse became injured. She missed the 2004 Olympics in Athens for similar reasons with the same horse.
Fonto: Telegraph

"...La aerosako en la mia konkuradvesto funkciis bone..."

junio, 2010

Intervjuo kun Valentino Rossi post lia akcidento

La aersako veŝto savis la vivon de la ĉevalo rajdanto

majo, 2010

Oliver Townend only escaped death thanks to the revolutionary jacket he was wearing... Legi pli

La aersakojako savis la vivon de la motorciklisto

oktobro, 2007

While motorists who have been in car crashes often attribute the help of air bags to saving their lives, a Maryland motorcycle rider injured in a collision is doing the same -- for a jacket. Joseph McPhatter, of Randallstown, was injured in a crash on Interstate 83 after being cut off by another motorist in September. According to police, McPhatter was ejected 100 feet, hitting the ground at an impact rate of 140 mph. Police said that McPhatter might have been severely injured had it not been for...
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Tudo sobre a jaqueta airbag  / colete com air bag para motos / para motoqueiros / colete air bag para  cavalheiros / de hipismo (invenção hungara)
Tudo sobre a jaqueta airbag  / colete com air bag para motos / para motoqueiros / colete air bag para  cavalheiros / de hipismo (invenção hungara)
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