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The airbag jacket for motorcyclists (horseriders) is a long-standing Hungarian invention. It was officially registered in 1976, published in 1977. Inventor: Tom Straub. You can look at the original documents of the invention here, below. Copies are available from the Hungarian Patent Office (Hungarian Intellectual Property Office) anytime.

आविष्कार के दस्तावेज
Documents of the invention:

Extract from Gazette of Patents (official journal of the Hungarian Patent Office) volume 1977 Nr.9


English translation:


H/2272 (51) A 41 D 13/00 (71), (72) Tamás Straub, Referent, Budapest (54)
Protective garment, mainly for motorcyclists (22) 30.11.76 (21) SA-2994

The invention is a protective garment, based on a double wall made from interconnected cells, an air tank filled with a compressed gaseous substance, an opening mechanism – these latter two forming a single unit –, a wire controlling opening and a bleeding valve ensuring multiple use. Moreover, it is characterised by its design suitable to protect the entire body surface; however, the double wall can, in certain cases, only be refilled between the neck and the pelvis.

Original description of invention

English translation:

Copy of the announcement of the invention with the receipt

The first page of the detailed description of the invention

The additional pages >>>

Review of the invention in the journal Autó-motor, volume 1983

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